Blood Cleanup Services in the Lancaster and Palmdale Areas

We are typically called in for blood cleaning and trauma situations, such as industrial accidents, homicide/suicide, active shooter (mass trauma), medical situations such as gastrointestinal bleeding, and transportation accidents. All we do is blood cleanup and biohazard removal.

Unlike a typical general purpose cleaning company or carpet cleaning company, we approach biohazard remediation andcleaning blood spills with a full scientific process to contain, decontaminate and fully remediate all potential blood-borne pathogensand visible blood stains from homes and property.


Our method for cleaning blood spills includes rigorous cleaning procedures, structural remediation, biohazard removal(cutting away affected carpet and flooring and remove them via legal medical waste transportation), and surface sanitization of affected and adjacent areas. When we finish, the cleaned areas are tested for 100% sanitization levels to ensure no biological material is left to cause damage or odor.

Call Sterile Pros today for fast, effective blood cleanup services of your home or business in the Lancaster and Palmdale Areas!


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