Concrete Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

Sterile Pros is contracted throughout California to clean roadways and sidewalks following exterior traumas as a result of car accidents, shootings, stabbings, and other traumas resulting in blood spills. Fire departments simply washing the blood down the street with their hoses are quickly becoming a thing of the past and many cities are left wondering how to get these scenes properly cleaned. We provide a method to properly clean and disinfect these scenes for your city.


Our Sterile Pros are equipped with a custom made pressure washing and vacuum recovery system which can have large incidents completely cleaned and disinfected quickly and effectively. This all in one system enables us to pressure wash and vacuum recover the blood and waste water simultaneously. This results in a much faster cleanup. Other companies still scrub these scenes by hand which is an extremely slow process. This causes unnecessary disposal of solid waste such as rags and absorbent which only results in higher fees. With the use of our system, there is no visible staining to the concrete or asphalt to further traumatize family, friends or the general public.

Contact Sterile Pros today for professional concrete cleanup services in Los Angeles!


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