Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Los Angeles

A true biohazard remediation service such as Sterile Pros can be called upon to clean and disinfect any biohazard situation, including hoarding, industrial accidents, hospitals or food service venues infected with communicable diseases. We even clean tear gas!


We offer residential and commercial biohazard removal services, including medical waste transportation and disposal of any biohazardous materials we collect during a clean-up, so you are fully covered with only one call. We will even help to recommend qualified restoration partners in your area who can help rebuild affected structure and surfaces affected by the biohazard remediation process.

In addition to technical excellence, Sterile Pros employees are trained in one of the most important differentiators that a biohazard cleaning company can have: They are compassionate, caring and discreet. It’s a critical skill for our technicians on the “front lines” of restoring safety for affected homes and businesses.

Because we follow a standardized and meticulous process of containment, cleaning and disinfection, we are considered one of the highest quality providers of biohazard remediation services in Los Angeles! 


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