Unattended Death Cleanup in Santa Clarita

911ff342ddc7cf3b8d098d4830fc2274_500_0_0-300x200One of the most challenging situations we face as death cleanup specialists is the unattended death, when a person dies and is not found for days or even longer. For the family affected, dealing with a death cleanup can be a grim experience. Considering the difficult and disturbing nature of decomposition, as well as the potential health hazards associated, remediating the situation is a job for professional trauma scene cleaners like Sterile Pros.

Sanitizing decomposition & recovering property

Sterile Pros local teams are fully insured, experienced biohazard remediation and death cleaning specialists who wear personal protective equipment and follow approved safety and sanitation procedures to help return the scene to a clean, decontaminated state. If required, we will remove personal property and affected structural elements such as flooring, and dispose according to biohazard regulations.

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Lockout-Tagout Services in Los Angeles

img1-300x169Lockout-tagout (LOTO) or lock and tag is a safety procedure which is used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. It requires that hazardous power sources be “isolated and rendered inoperative” before any repair procedure is started.

For example a typical industrial machine may contain things like hot fluids, moving presses, blades, propellers, electrical heaters, conveyor belts with pinch points, moving chains, ultraviolet light, etc.

Disconnecting or making safe the equipment involves the removal of all energy sources and is known as isolation. The steps necessary to isolate equipment are often documented in an isolation procedure or a lockout tagout procedure. The isolation procedure generally includes the following tasks:

  1. Identify the energy source(s)
  2. Isolate the energy source(s)
  3. Lock and Tag the energy source(s)
  4. Prove that the equipment isolation is effective

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Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Los Angeles

A true biohazard remediation service such as Sterile Pros can be called upon to clean and disinfect any biohazard situation, including hoarding, industrial accidents, hospitals or food service venues infected with communicable diseases. We even clean tear gas!


We offer residential and commercial biohazard removal services, including medical waste transportation and disposal of any biohazardous materials we collect during a clean-up, so you are fully covered with only one call. We will even help to recommend qualified restoration partners in your area who can help rebuild affected structure and surfaces affected by the biohazard remediation process.

In addition to technical excellence, Sterile Pros employees are trained in one of the most important differentiators that a biohazard cleaning company can have: They are compassionate, caring and discreet. It’s a critical skill for our technicians on the “front lines” of restoring safety for affected homes and businesses.

Because we follow a standardized and meticulous process of containment, cleaning and disinfection, we are considered one of the highest quality providers of biohazard remediation services in Los Angeles! 

Crime Scene Cleanup in Los Angeles

Step One: Control the Contamination

For maximum control, our technicians use proven sanitation procedures, by establishing three zones using plastic sheeting and bio-tape to separate the contaminated area from other parts of the building. This prevents cross-contamination from occurring between clean and affected rooms:

  • The Control Zone is the contamination area, where work will take place.
  • The Buffer Zone is where technicians put on personal protective equipment, and fill disposal boxes.
  • The Clean Zone is designated to store tools and equipment, in order to prevent cross contamination.


Step Two: Biohazard Cleaning and Structural Removal

  • Cleaning: Sterile Pro technicians start by removing all traces of dirt, chemicals, blood and biological materials from the control zone. Personal property that cannot be remediated must be disassembled and disposed of as medical waste.
  • Sanitization: After cleaning, technicians treat the control zone with disinfectants by spraying surfaces at precise intervals. Following treatment, the crew wipes all surfaces manually a second time before using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) fluorescence testing, the same technology used by hospitals to verify sanitation level.
  • Deodorization: In the final step, Sterile Pros uses a deodorizer to eliminate the possibility of lingering odors.

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Homicide Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

If you’ve had a homicide, suicide or other serious blood spill in your home, we know it’s an unbelievably painful experience for you. After the sirens fade, you’re the one left with the chaos, the pain and the mess. Besides blood and other body fluids, there may be damage to property, tear gas, fingerprint dust and chemicals. The investigation of crime scenes often yields cross-contamination from room to room. It may seem too overwhelming to even know where to start. That’s where we can help.

CrimeSceneTape-BiohazardGloveThe moment we arrive, our teams are trained to use compassion, discretion and communication skills. They will take as much time as you need to understand the process, the costs and payment options. We will take pictures to help document the scene for you, and give you a written estimate.

Our professional standards of conduct mean we have standardized practices which are built on meeting the most stringent state and local regulations regarding credentials, licensing, insurance and training.

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Concrete Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

Sterile Pros is contracted throughout California to clean roadways and sidewalks following exterior traumas as a result of car accidents, shootings, stabbings, and other traumas resulting in blood spills. Fire departments simply washing the blood down the street with their hoses are quickly becoming a thing of the past and many cities are left wondering how to get these scenes properly cleaned. We provide a method to properly clean and disinfect these scenes for your city.


Our Sterile Pros are equipped with a custom made pressure washing and vacuum recovery system which can have large incidents completely cleaned and disinfected quickly and effectively. This all in one system enables us to pressure wash and vacuum recover the blood and waste water simultaneously. This results in a much faster cleanup. Other companies still scrub these scenes by hand which is an extremely slow process. This causes unnecessary disposal of solid waste such as rags and absorbent which only results in higher fees. With the use of our system, there is no visible staining to the concrete or asphalt to further traumatize family, friends or the general public.

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Bloodborne Pathogen Decontamination in Los Angeles

Sterile Pros treats all crime scenes and blood spills as if they contain a life threatening infection—and with good reason. Even the smallest trace of blood or biological materials can present untold risks in the form of bacteria and bloodborne diseases.

These diseases are invisible and yet can cause severe illness or even death, without the proper bloodborne pathogen cleanup. Frighteningly, some viruses can remain dormant and reactivate when exposed to water, putting you and your family at risk years later.

Decontaminating biohazards


Sterile Pros use the same bloodborne pathogen cleanup techniques that food preparation facilities, manufacturing, health care and other enterprises use to eradicate disease and restore safety, for example after a MRSA outbreak.

After remediating the scene, our techs dispose of all biohazardous materials in marked containers and take them to an approved biohazard disposal site, following local, state and federal laws. Trust Sterile Pros for professional and safe bloodborne pathogen cleanup, to ensure that your home and property are protected after any death or trauma scene has occurred.

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Jail Cell Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

Effective & Timely Cleanup Services

We understand that anytime the operation of a holding area is on hold it can lead to consequences, especially if it’s an extended period of time. The Sterile Pros cleanup team offer an efficient and productive cleaning process that is quick and thorough. Leave your mess to our experts, so you can get back on schedule.


If you are a local or regional safety department in need of a professional decontamination due to any type of issue, we are the skilled professionals for the job. Our cleanup crew can be there fast and complete a thorough sanitation of the area, in no time, so you can get back to keep our states safe!

We’ll protect you, so you can protect us. We have the specialized tools and equipment that will eliminate any bodily fluid, blood, feces, urine, vomit or any other substance that could be riddled with diseases and spread to you.

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Blood Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

For cleaning large blood spills in a commercial or industrial setting, there are additional employee protection guidelines which require the person to have been trained in blood-borne pathogens, safety equipment (PPE) and hazardous communications protocols. Cordon off the area and restrict it from access until all materials have been removed or cleaned and fully sanitized.

bio-remediation-2-300x210Unlike a typical general purpose cleaning company or carpet cleaning company, we approach biohazard remediation andcleaning blood spills with a full scientific process to contain, decontaminate and fully remediate all potential blood-borne pathogens and visible blood stains from homes and property.

Our method for cleaning blood spills includes rigorous cleaning procedures, structural remediation, biohazard removal(cutting away affected carpet and flooring and remove them via legal medical waste transportation), and surface sanitization of affected and adjacent areas. When we finish, the cleaned areas are tested for 100% sanitization levels to ensure no biological material is left to cause damage or odor.

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Extreme Hoarding Cleanup in Los Angeles

Hoarding Cleanup Specialists

Hoarding cleanups often involve large mounds of material, which may promote the growth of mold or bacteria while preventing normal cleaning activity or even access to clean water. Some hoarder situations are further contaminated with animal feces or remains.


First, we remove and dispose of any unsalvageable materials, following local, state and federal regulations for biohazardous materials. Next, we sanitize, clean and deodorize the entire area, using proprietary cleaning solutions and processes, to help protect the property value.

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